Billing Policy

All payments for services provided by ionvz are due on the due date and no later. All billing cycles start on the day you signed up for service and renew on that same day each month or year, depending on your plan. Any service with an invoice more than 24 hours past due will be suspended immediately. All clients are responsible for knowing their due date. Your due date can easily be found by logging into the client area.

Chargebacks and Disputes: In the event of a chargeback or billing dispute your account (and related services) will be immediately suspended and you may lose all access to your data.

Cancelling Your Account: To cancel your account, simply log in to the billing area and click on "My Services". Once there, find the service you wish to cancel and click on the button that looks like this: - Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Request Cancellation" button. Finally give a brief reason for your cancellation and select either an immediate cancellation or an end of billing period cancellation.