Managed VPS Plans





Full Root Access (?)    
Memory (RAM) 384 MB 768 MB
File Storage (?) 10 GB 30 GB
IP Addresses (?) 1 2
IPv6 Address (?)    
Nginx Install (?)    
DirectAdmin (?)    
Managed* (?)    

Data Transfer Options

During the order process you'll be able to choose from either 1,500 Gigabytes at 100mbit, or 10mbit Unmetered.

When 1,500GB at 100mbit is selected the account will be have up to 1.5 terabytes of transfer with transfer speeds ranging up to 100mbit. Peak transfer will depend upon network conditions and is optimized for better distribution across multiple visitors (In a nutshell no one single connection would normally max out the uplink speed).

When Unmetered 10mbit is selected, the allocation is not metered; rather the transfer speed will be capped at 10mbit. This equates to approximately 3.3 Terabytes of transfer if continuously serving at capped speeds for a duration of a month. Essentially this option is ideal if you do not wish to worry bout any bandwidth overage.

You may also choose to upgrade to either unmetered 20mbit or 3,000GB at 100mbit for an additional 10USD per month.

IPv6 Availability

Provided by Hurricane Electric, IPv6 addresses are available to customers free upon request. At this time DirectAdmin does not fully support IPv6 addressing. It is however available for Ionized Template (using Nginx).

Nginx Installation

All plans are currently capable of using the specialized Ionized Template utilizing the latest Nginx HTTP Server, PHP 5.3.x and MySQL 5.1.*, and can be request during the order process. Nginx can be installed on existing nodes depending on distribution installed, and if there is no control panel currently running on the node.

You can learn more about the specialized template and Nginx Here.

DirectAdmin Control Panel

We offer DirectAdmin which provides the best level of user control while being gentle on server resources. For optimal performance DirectAdmin is available with ION512* and above.

Managed Hosting

The goal of IonVz is to manage your hosting and keep you up and running so that you can do what you need to do to keep business going. That being said clients who opt to use the DirectAdmin control panel would get full management meaning that every service that comes with DirectAdmin can be managed for you. Ionized VPSes with the Nginx Webserver are also managed with the exception of DNS/Mail servers (see next paragraph).

Without DirectAdmin we'll still manage your account to the best of our ability but some services may not be available such as advanced configuration and management of DNS and mail servers. If you need DNS and Mail to be managed we would be more than happy to help you setup an account with (free DNS for up to 50 domains) and google apps (gmail interface for your own domain) free of charge. Doing so would also boost your VPS's performance.

Help regarding third party software or custom scripts may not be available so it is best to contact our support department to see if we may be able to assist you beforehand.

IP Addresses

Additional IP(v4) addresses (in batches of 4s) are available at a rate of 6USD (1.5USD per IP) per month. Non-sequential ranges may be allocated depending upon availability. Contact sales for more details.

File Storage

This represents the amount of storage allocated to your VPS node. During setup some space is consumed by the operating system, server software and cache on your virtual private server (typically between 1 to 2 Gigabytes).

Full Root Access

With restrictive hosting, you normally only have access to files owned by your assigned username. As a result advanced options such as upgrading your PHP version or installing an extension is normally not possible.

We provide Virtual Private Servers, and provide you with full root access to your own VPS. This allows you to make configurations as needed for your business needs.

No Downtime Upgrading

Your plan can be upgraded to the next available package without any downtime to your sites.

Included with every plan...

Upgrade without Downtime - All VPS plans can have their plan, memory, storage or bandwidth upgraded without any downtime involved.

Premium Bandwidth - You get a choice of metered 100mbit uplink speed at a bandwidth limit of 1500 GB per month, or 10mbit uplink speed unmetered. This option can be further upgraded to unmetered 20mbit or 100mbit @ 3000GB per month.

SolusVM Web Based VPS Control - SolusVM allows you to manage every aspect of your vps via a web based control panel.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee - If you aren't happy for any reason during your first 7 days, let us know and we'll refund 100% of your payment. **

Free Monthly Backups - You are in control. With SolusVM you'll be able to perform your own Backups when it is useful to you. From SolusVM you can restore your latest backup quickly and easily. Local SolusVm backups are transfered up to a remote server at least once a month.

Plan Addon Upgrades

4 Additional IPs - $6/month
DirectAdmin License - Optional with ION512 and Up
20Mbps Unmetered - $10/month
3,000GB Transfer @ 100Mbps - $10/month
** View our Billing Policies for details.